Custom CRM – Lead Management Solution


The client (travel group) has a big marketing and sale steam spread globally. They market their properties via various travel and lifestyle websites and portals. These marketing efforts result in a number of leads generated on a daily basis. These leads are assigned to sales teams who track it to closure.

The travel group received leads as emails from differ-ent sources in varied structures and formats. These were manually read and assigned to sales agents,which was a difficult process; time consuming, ineffi-cient and prone to errors.

The result was a slow response to leads as well as potential heavy loss of business plus an over staffed back office to handle and manage leads manually. This was the customer situation at that time.

Zenopsys was called to relook at this process and suggest an automated process based software CRM/Lead management platform. The travel group realized that the solution would need a highly custom developed application, like an enterprise level software/application to manage its operations. They were keen to have a custom IT solution that would assist them manage their unique processes and project requirements.

It was obvious that the travel group was in need of a custom built application developed from scratch and that which would suit their present and future requirements.


The prevailing situation at that time warranted a complete revision of the processes and to develop an IT based lead/process management solution to meet their prevailing and future requirements.

The customer received leads from various websites in different structure and formats. There leads were assigned to multiple sales agents.

The complete process of leads receipt, indexing, sorting, distributing and tracking to closure by the combined efforts of the back-office and the sales teams was a manual system. The system was prone to errors, inefficiencies and potentially huge loss of business.

Zenopsys was required to study, develop and imple- ment a custom application. The system was required to make the process automated, efficient & profitable.

The client is considering enhancing the present engagement with Zenopsys to include assistance in other areas.


Zenopsys solution is as highlighted next:

    • We developed an email engine which connected to the leads mail box & parsed all emails via multiple templates
    • The emails were converted into leads and posted into the custom CRM software
    • Leads were auto assigned to different agents based on the rules set by the sales manager
    • Zenopsys solution supported all standard and custom CRM functions to take the leads through the complete sales cycle
    • The customer had a partnership with Microsoft and Zenopsys was asked to develop a Microsoft technology solution – ASP.Net


Zenopsys team worked very closely with the client’s team for about 10 months to develop and deploy the final software at the client site.

The Zenopsys team provided post implementation training for all the stakeholders.

The system has resulted in substantial increase in revenues and profits as per the customer’s feedback. The system is highly efficient and business loss due to the manual intervention is almost non-existent.


Project Title: Custom CRM - Lead Management Solution

Client: The client is a luxury travel group with access to unique properties (villas including) globally

Country: United States of America (USA)


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