Magento Customization – Online Ecommerce Store Solutions


The client is a large up-style fashion retail store in New York City. With about 10 years of fashion retail experience the store has moved on to set up its online store solution.

The upscale lifestyle store was a new retail concept casually blending luxury items in every category: clothing, jewelry, home, baby, pet and candy etc.

Zenopsys worked with the client (indirect) via a consultant who is based in the United States.

The Online Retail Store Solution had major browser compliance issues. Magento coding standards were not followed to display images and store URL’s.
There were several other issues and the client desper-ately needed support in fixing these issues.


    • The objective of the project was to customize the online ecommerce store solution to meet the required standards and provide the desired results on Magento.
    • The customer faced a number of issues related to customization.
    • Zenopsys was required to study and customize the online store on Magento. The system was required to make the online store efficient, informative and easy to use.


Zenopsys solution is as highlighted next

    • The online store had major cross browser compli-ance issues. Zenopsys team tested and fixed the Magento to comply with W3C HTML/CSS standards

    • URL streamlining: Magento coding standards were not followed to display the images and store URLs. Zenopsys team did the analysis and made the changes to comply with the standards
    • Implemented the custom filtering on product sizes
    • Customized the 'Customers by Order' report to remove the 5 records limit and provided more attributes
    • Implemented the ProZoom plugin for viewing the product images
    • Integrated with eWay Direct Newsletter
    • Implement custom price filtering


Zenopsys team worked very closely with the client’s team for about 3 months to customize and deploy the client site.

The Zenopsys team provided post implementation training for all the stakeholders. The system has resulted in substantial increase in revenues and profits as per the customer’s feedback.

The client is considering enhancing the present engagement with Zenopsys to include assistance in other areas.


Project Title: Magento Customization – Online Ecommerce Store Solutions

Client: The client is a large retailer (With shops in different cities and an Online Store)

Country: United States of America (USA)


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