Special Offer for Kids!

Special Offer for Kids!

In a world where digital presence is a given; here is an opportunity for parents to start early for your kids! A digital online space just for themselves; for Life! A full fledged website just for themselves! Events, Birthdays, Achievements, Celebrations, Videos, Gigs and Gags and just everything they want to share with their grandparents, friends, teachers, neighbors, the aunt in the US and all near and dear! Share from your own digital universe!

Your Kids get their own website at Rs.7000 (onetime) and Rs.1200 (Annual Maintenance); In US dollars - $ 250 (onetime) and $35 (Annual Maintenance)


    1. Unique Website Name - for example: www.Aditi-Jain.me or www.RupertMurdoch.me
    2. Website Live! 24/7
    3. Ability to post & manage photos, videos and more!
    4. Post anything you want to share
    5. Design & Tech Support
    6. Maximum of 5 Web Pages but post unlimited photos & videos!

Terms & Conditions Apply*

Email us at sales@zenopsys.com or call us at +91-984-507-7490