Zenopsys provides a host of solutions for companies and businesses that would like to go online and harness the power of the Internet for their business transactions. E-Commerce as it is more popularly known as is strategic initiative that leverages the Internet. Transacting business processes and concluding commercial transactions are some of the specifics of E-Commerce. Over the years E-Commerce has significantly and almost always positively impacted Global Business.

Our teams specialize in designing online retail store layouts, comparative product scenarios, visualizing online workflows, process efficiencies, online payment gateway integration and such other aspects of B2C e-commerce. We have also empowered B2B transactions. Our teams have developed B2B portals including order management, online billing & payment systems, workflow integrated invoicing systems etc for a number of multinational & global corporations.

Reach Zenopsys - Email: sales@zenopsys.com; Call - Ph: +91-984-507-7490 for additional information on how we can assist you in your requirements.

E-commerce solutions are customized and specific to customer needs. From simple online stores to complex workflows across both B2B & B2C e-commerce, our teams have custom built applications for all platforms - traditional, mobile and cloud.

The cloud is an integral part of the ecommerce system and we have deep expertise in leveraging cloud resources.

Our projects include:

    • Open Source Ecommerce customization (Magento; Open Cart and such others)
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Store Management & Tech Support
    • Module Development - Order Management; Invoicing; comparative workflows etc)
    • Hosting and Back Up Management

Effective solutions sometimes need skills and capabilities that are beyond the scope of Zenopsys. Over the years Zenopsys has partnered with other companies or individuals who have specific, unique skills and capabilities that can further augment the overall solution envisaged by Zenopsys.

Zenopsys has accounts with online hosting and protection providers like GoDaddy, Amazon etc. We continue to evaluate potential partnerships that could assist our customers in protecting their web assets.

Interested parties can reach us at +91-984-507-7490 or emails us at sales@zenopsys.com