Mobile platforms (Smartphones & Tablets) have increasingly become the go to device beyond traditional desktops and laptops. They offer features, functionalities and experiences similar to or richer than traditional devices. Smartphones have revolutionized the ways in which we communicate, socialize and also run our businesses.
Mobile applications or mobile apps as they are more popularly known as, developed on iPhone (iOS - Apple); Android (Google); Microsoft platforms, provide rich mobility solutions in comparison to the traditional internet access points.

Do you need a custom, native iOS, Android or Windows app? Prefer a cross-platform responsive web app? Require a secure backend? If you want it, we can build it.

Zenopsys has a highly competent and experienced mobile application development team on Apple (iOS), Android (Google) and Microsoft Windows platforms. Over the years we have developed several mobile apps for our clients across industries on these platforms.

Clients today have three distinct options when it comes to creating mobile applications

    • Native Apps (Developed on development platforms native to Apple, Google or Microsoft
    • Hybrid App Development Platforms - Like Phone Gap; Xamarin; Appcelerator Titanium; mostly Opensource frameworks that create javascript codebases that can run on any device
    • Web Apps - That run your responsive websites on a mobile device


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There are more than a couple of billion SmartPhones and equally big number of tablets in the world today which is more than one fourth of the global human population and more than a billion people access internet on their mobile devices!

Mobile devices will define the future of the internet and personal computing. Since the inception of mobile browsers more than a decade ago, hundreds of millions of people have used these alternative methods to gain access to the internet for varied purposes.

With mobile Internet anyone can access the internet anytime-anywhere, at work, at home and even on vacation. They can personalize their internet experience, gaining access to news, weather, sports, stock quotes, email, and anything else they could access with a computer. The user interface is simplified to allow apps and sites to perform optimally as in a desktop computer.

Businesses today cannot ignore the importance of mobile devices and the way customers decide and buy using Smartphones and Tablets. Rarely can a business afford to ignore the evolving and constantly changing technology platforms. Business with interactive mobile websites or applications can directly reach their customers and build their brand.

    • Business Process Assessment & Reengineering to enable Mobility Solutions
    • Mobile App Strategy Development
    • Mobile Application Design & Development - SmartPhones, Tablets and Wearables
        • Apple iOS
        • Android
        • Windows Microsoft
    • Enterprise Mobility

Below are a few sample mobile apps developed by Zenopsys teams for our clients particularly in the US ....

Effective solutions sometimes need skills and capabilities that are beyond the scope of Zenopsys. Over the years Zenopsys has partnered with other companies or individuals who have specific, unique skills and capabilities that can further augment the overall solution envisaged by Zenopsys.

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