Zenopsys Enterprise Mobility Services – ZEMS

Zenopsys offers an enterprise mobile framework that capitalizes on delivering tailored and cloud-based solutions with support for all leading mobile platforms. ZEMS specialists work with the client to create an enterprise strategy that leverages mobility across all stakeholders. ZEMS’s mobility framework identifies areas to further increase productivity and collaboration.

Enterprise Mobility is evolving moving towards enabling enterprises to work in more collaborative ways. Businesses are aggressively seeking to maximize digital communications. ZEMS assists customers to bring about transformations in enterprise communication and client management. ZEMA’s unique methodology will allow businesses to preview gaps in communication and appropriately plug them.

Zenopsys Enterprise Mobility Services brings breadth and depth to client’s business objectives stemming from its large heterogeneous global engagements. Its solutions enable clients to innovate faster, meet their current business needs and establish a strong foundation for the future.

ZEMS plans to work closely with the client to build the clients mobility roadmap; ensure the technology platforms, architectures and components are aligned with its existing and future business outlook.

Flexibility is the key to a successful solution.

When choosing a mobile application development platform, the solution should:

    • Support all mobile application development approaches—native, hybrid and web—to give you maximum flexibility and enable you use the right approach for every app
    • Include an integrated capability to address planning, requirements, quality, testing, release, performance and improvement of your apps
    • Enable continuous development to simplify maintenance and updates required by changes in devices, platforms, operating systems, form factors and capabilities

ZEMS Model

ZEMS leverages its world-class mobile delivery methodology and proprietary materials to:

    • Discover customers mobile transformation journey
    • Develop a strategy by comprehending specific business needs and future objectives
    • Share a deployment plan that potentially offers a significant positive impact

Zenopsys Strategic Offerings & Design Expertise

Zenopsys has an excellent and demonstrated track record in mobile strategy and transformation. Zenopsys offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to help business go mobile.

    • Strategy Development
    • Mobile Architecture & Solution Design
    • Mobile Apps Development
    • Mobile Testing
    • Mobile Integration Services
    • Center of Excellence – Future of Mobility in the Organization

Mobile Apps Development

Developing high-quality mobile applications (apps) while adhering to a tight schedule can be particularly challenging. With so many different devices, operating systems, display sizes and on-device features, creating an app that works equally well in different environments that won’t disappoint your end user is a challenge.

Successful mobile app development requires more than just a compelling user interface. It also requires:

    • Testing
    • Integration
    • Security
    • Quality assurance
    • Ongoing management

The majority of the cost and effort of mobile application development happens behind the user interface. With security and data integration becoming especially important, many organizations are turning ZEMS integrated mobile application development platform to systematically manage their enterprise mobile assets.

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Proof of Concepts (POC) for New Ideas

ZEMS builds proof-of- concepts around emerging technologies and collaborate with enterprises to align specific to their needs.

Data Security

    • Zenopsys works closely with the enterprise IT teams to ensure secure access to data and applications across the enterprise
    • Extensively leverage security features provided in the SDK
    • Securing User Credentials; Transit encryption for data transfers
    • World class development standards
    • Adhering to industry standards in data security like HIPAA, HL7 in healthcare

Mobile Integration Services

ZEMS help integrate pre-existing enterprise applications and provide end-to- end solutions for mobility.

Mobile Application Management

ZEMS help enterprises adopt best practices and processes for the enterprise mobile strategy. Its global service delivery model provides support for Mobility Services. ZEMS has over a decade of recognized experience, best practices and proven methodologies across critical businesses.

Effective solutions sometimes need skills and capabilities that are beyond the scope of Zenopsys. Over the years Zenopsys has partnered with other companies or individuals who have specific, unique skills and capabilities that can further augment the overall solution envisaged by Zenopsys.

Interested parties can reach us at +91-984-507-7490 or emails us at sales@zenopsys.com